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  • 1.SMS Gateway 6x20, 7x39: Two-way interaction with customers

    SMS Gateway used very popular: vote for gameshow, prize-winning TV programs, messaging with accumulated points, applicable to loyal customer groups, goods authentication, SMS electronic warranty, stamps anti-fake SMS, promotion campaign, check account balance, donate,…

    SMS Gateway 6x20, 7x39: Two-way interaction with customers SMS Gateway 6x20, 7x39: Two-way interaction with customers

    ▶ FAQ about SMS Gateway

    ❓How long does it take to build a program/connect SMS Gateway API?

    👉 Depending on customer requirements scenario, it may take 1-5 days

    ❓Choose our SMS gateway service, what will you get?

    👉 High share of revenue, up to 90%.

    👉 Payment time: fast, flexible (Weekly, monthly, postpaid)

    👉 Free webservices connection support 24/24; auto check and alert to DEV/Technical team

    👉 Web-based/Auto Email report, statistics of output: CLEAR, EXACTLY

    👉 Reliable technical system: Server and transmission line connect directly to mobile carriers in Vietnam (MobiFone, Vinaphone, Viettel, G-tel, VNMobile); stable operation and backup 24/24.

    ▶ APIs for SMS Gateway

    ▶ DEMO: Java

  • 2.SMS Brandname

    SMS brandname: is a one-way interactive service, used for advertising (promotion, discounts, ...information) and customer care (announcement, reminder, congratulations, warning/alert...)

    We support both automatic sending via API, and sending manual by website:

    SMS brandname SMS brandname

    ▶ FAQ about SMS brandname

    ❓How long does it take to connect to the SMS brandname API?

    👉 Connection time is about 1-2 hours

    ❓When to report after sending message?

    👉 Advertising: reports will be available after 1-2 days

    👉 Customer care: the report will be available immediately after sending the message

    ❓In case the status report is successful but the phone number is not received, what should I do?

    👉 We will report to the Telco to find out the cause

    ❓Why should you choose our SMS brandname service?

    👉 Competitive cost

    👉 Connection security, safety

    👉 Increasing the awareness and loyalty of Customers to the brand of the business.

    👉 Increase sale revenue.

    👉 Save cost and time for the marketing department, customer care.

    APIs for SMS brandname

    ▶DEMO: Java - Php - C#

    Register Account for SMS Brandname

  • 3.Topup Service

    ▶ Topup service: Reward interactions into customers' mobile accounts. Currently we have 3 type of topup:

    - Slow airtime topup: (5-10% discount). Processing time up to 24-48h hours depend on YOUR requirements

    - Quick airtime topup: realtime, airtime: official from telcos 5%

    - Data topup: topup into user mobile data account

    Reward interactions for customers' mobile accounts. Currently we have 2 type of topup Reward interactions for customers' mobile accounts. Currently we have 2 type of topup

    ▶ FAQ about Topup service

    ❓What is the application of this service?

    👉 As a tool to respond to direct gift giving programs with scratch cards, loading directly into customers' accounts is the fastest and most convenient

    ❓How do customers know they get topup?

    👉 You will receive notification messages from the Telco, or you can call Telco’s hotline to check

    ❓For phone numbers that cannot topup, what should I do?

    👉 For such cases, we will send a mobile scratch card

    ❓What is topup data?

    👉 Topup data is a form of donating 3G/4G data to customer's mobile account

    APIs for Topup service

    ▶DEMO: Java

    Register Account for Topup service API

  • 4.SMS Longcode

    ▶ SMS Longcode: Cheap 1-way or 2-way message

    - Use a fixed number to send sms, sending speed and high stability.

    - Lower cost than SMS Brandname

    ▶ FAQ about SMS Longcode

    ❓ Why must register content template?

    👉 For fixed numbers, the network operator requires pre-registration for the template content before sending SMS to avoid sending spam messages.

    ❓ How long does it take to register for content templates?

    👉 One working day

    ❓ Is there a template registered with your carrier (Telcos)?

    👉 Already have a number of templates registered with the carrier, you can always use these templates. Please contact VTX for assistance.

    ❓ Does the service support accented Vietnamese content?

    👉 The SMS Longcode supports sending accented Vietnamese content.

    SMS Longcode SMS Longcode

    APIs for SMS Longcode

    ▶ DEMO: Java

    Register Account for SMS Longcode API and Web-based

  • 5.SMS OTP

    SMS OtpOTP using text message, or SMS Otp is the most popular way of authentication because of low cost and fast deployment for: game, app,..

    - Content SMS Otp in Enlish, Vietnamese.

    - Can send OTP code via SMS using Brandname VT DI DONG or use brandname (registered by company name, product, ..)

    - We provide: SMS OTP Documentation, English API

    ▶ FAQ about SMS Otp

    ❓ How long does it take for the OTP code to be sent to the client?

    👉 The time from when you send the OTP code to the time the customer receives it is <10 seconds.

    ❓ Is registration required when using the VTDD brandname?

    👉 You do not need to go through the brandname registration procedures when using VTDD. You only have to register your brandname with your carrier when you want to send SMS with your own brandname.

    ❓ What forms of OTP can be sent from VTX?

    👉 VTX currently only supports the form of sending OTP via SMS, we provide brandname: VTDD/VT Di Dong available so you can send OTP without having to register with your carrier.

    ❓ There is a registration fee and maintenance fee when using the VTDD brand name?

    👉 VTX does not charge any other fees such as registration fee, brandname maintenance fee when you use VTDD.

    👉 VTX only collect these fees when you register your own brandname


    APIs for SMS Otp

    ▶DEMO: Java - Php - C#

    Register Account for SMS OTP API and Web-based


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